CMF to Support Québec Literary Adaptations


The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) have launched a new program to support Québec TV series producers.

Titled the Predevelopment Funding Program for TV Series Based on Québec Literary Adaptations, the program supports the predevelopment of television series in the fiction, documentary, youth and animation genres, in French, adapted from Québec literary works. Funding will enable companies to mobilize the expertise needed for the predevelopment of one or more projects that have not yet received the support of a broadcaster, distributor or development funding. It will also encourage the financial commitment of partners in the subsequent development and production phases.

The new program is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Québec TV production companies on national and international markets and to foster the production of high-level Québec intellectual properties.

Applications for funding under this program can be submitted on SODEC’s secure digital filing portal, SOD@ccès. The SOD@ccès online portal will be open to applications through July 27.