Canada Media Fund Publishes 2013-14 Annual Report


TORONTO: The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has published its annual report for 2013-14, which revealed that a total of 510 productions were supported by the CMF over the last fiscal year.

The CMF provided C$360.7M in funding to Canadian television and digital media projects in 2013-2014. A total of 475 television and related digital media productions were supported through its Convergent Stream and 83 innovative and interactive digital media projects through its Experimental Stream.

In addition to its financial support, the CMF also continued to provide industry intelligence to its stakeholders. In 2013-2014, the CMF published 16 research projects and white papers in addition to 43 posts on the Trendscape blog, now rebranded CMF Trends. The Annual Report also provides information on a number of CMF initiatives designed to promote the success of Canadian content, including national red carpet events in Alberta and Newfoundland and partnerships with events in Australia, Brazil, France, South Korea and the U.S., as well as the development of a new brand, Eye on Canada.

"The Canadian audiovisual industry is part of a rapidly changing global digital economy. Audiences are consuming content in more ways than ever before," said Alain Cousineau, the chair of CMF. “The CMF has led several initiatives to monitor the state of the industry and to track upcoming trends in order to best fulfill its mandate.”
“For our fourth year, we continued to provide the financing and support required to help create compelling, successful content for Canadian and world audiences,” added Valerie Creighton, CMF's president and CEO. “We believe that Canadians should be proud of the ecosystem that exists in our country which stems from diverse sources of support and funding from the private sector in partnership with the provincial, territorial and municipal governments and the Government of Canada.”