Black Fawn Continues Pact with Breakthrough


TORONTO/BERLIN: Black Fawn Films, which is led by horror movie producers and directors Chad Archibald and Cody Calahan, has renewed its partnership with Canada’s Breakthrough Entertainment.

The extension of the collaboration will include a commitment to have increased budgets and a more aggressive casting strategy. This agreement follows the co-production of eight successful horror genre feature films, including Antisocial, The Drownsman and The Sublet, among others.

The Heretics, Black Fawn’s eighth co-production with Breakthrough, will have a market screening during this year’s European Film Market (EFM) before its international festival run. The movie follows a transforming young girl as she is being held captive by a man who claims that he is protecting her from a cult. Black Fawn’s next movie, I’ll Take Your Dead, which is currently in the casting phase, will mark the company’s next project with Breakthrough.

Nat Abraham, the president of distribution and partner at Breakthrough Entertainment, remarked: “Chad and Cody have managed to stand out in a very competitive market. We believe that they will continue to see exponential growth in their audiences and that the quality of their stories will be attractive to notable cast. With these next two pictures, Breakthrough will further propel Black Fawn’s impact with fans, and open up additional international distribution options.”

Archibald added: “Black Fawn Films have been building something special with Breakthrough Entertainment over the past eight films. Their faith in us moving forward will strengthen the relationship between our two companies. We couldn’t be more excited about taking these new projects to the next level, and create some truly unique films for genre fans.”