“Tradigital” Entertainment Channel PIE Launching in the Philippines


ABS-CBN, KROMA Entertainment and 917Ventures are introducing PIE, the Philippines’ first real-time, multiscreen interactive channel that will officially launch this month.

PIE (Pinoy Interactive Entertainment) will offer Filipinos a “digital upgrade to their traditional media consumption habits” by allowing them to watch TV shows, join all-day contests, build a following and even steer storylines across multiple screens. The community plays an active role in storytelling, game shows and talk shows.

PIE is bringing back the classic game show Pera o Bayong, which takes on an interactive format with prizes given away every hour to viewers at home.

It is also introducing the country’s first interactive teleseries, UZI, and reality show Palong Follow, where viewers will work together to find the Philippines’ next big digital content creator.

KROMA Entertainment CEO Ian Monsod said: “Filipinos are very social. We love hanging out with our friends, doing activities together and simply having fun together. But this kind of connection is something we abruptly lost at the onset of the pandemic. Filipinos long for collective fun, and PIE hopes to fill that gap.”

Vince Yamat, managing director of 917Ventures, added: “Our goal as a company is to continue bringing pioneering digital solutions to Filipinos especially as the pandemic lingers. This time, with PIE, we want to bring our kababayans an entertainment experience they can share. We want Filipinos to have a new way to enjoy and celebrate everyday wins to help uplift them despite their daily battles. We want them to feel like we are still together even while physically apart.”

ABS-CBN’s COO of broadcast, Cory Vidanes, said: “ABS-CBN is committed to bringing innovative content to as many Filipinos as possible, and in recent years, we have been engaging audiences more through a stronger digital presence and collaboration with various groups. Our partnership with PIE is a significant step in that direction, and we’re looking forward to engaging with Kapamilyas in a whole new way.”