New Management in Place at Eyeworks New Zealand


AUCKLAND: Ashley Coupland has become the new managing director of Eyeworks New Zealand, working alongside Greg Heathcote, who will be serving as co-managing director.

Bailey Mackey becomes the new creative director. Former CEO Julie Christie is leaving Eyeworks New Zealand, but will remain in an international creative role for the larger Eyeworks Group.

Coupland previously served as the general manager of Cream TV and was a freelance executive producer for TVNZ and TV3. Heathcote is the former head of television at Eyeworks New Zealand. He is returning to the company after a year away managing the Food TV channel and the Living Channel.

Reinout Oerlemans, the CEO and founder of Eyeworks, said: "First of all, I want to thank Julie Christie for what she did for Eyeworks New Zealand. Back in 2006 Julie was one of the first entrepreneurs that shared our ambition to build a tight knit web of creative production companies all over the world. Now in 2013 we have strong companies in 15 territories on four continents. I am happy Julie will stay connected to Eyeworks International as a creative developer. I strongly believe our future in New Zealand looks bright. With Ashley, Greg and Bailey we have an experienced, ambitious and well balanced team in place to strengthen our position in New Zealand even further."