Mongol TV CEO Appointed Chair of Mongolian Media Ethics Council


ULAANBAATAR: Nomin Chinbat, the CEO of Mongol TV, has been named the chairman of the just-launched Mongolian Media Ethics Council.

The Council will consist of 15 board members and a chairperson. Its announced job will be to protect citizens against unethical reporting in the media and raise awareness about the importance of truthful reporting while monitoring the implementation of an ethics code for journalists. It will also mediate between dissatisfied readers and the media.

“Mongolia’s media industry is changing by taking a positive step forward, and creating the first-ever ethics council,” Chinbat said. “I am honored that my Mongolian colleagues put their trust in me as their first chairperson. The illustrious board and I will strive to ensure all Mongolian journalists and broadcasters utilize ethical and high-quality standards. We want Mongolian citizens to trust our media and know that we are reporting in a truthful and unbiased manner.”

Tamir Ukhnaa, former communication regulator and now media NGO leader, said: “The newly set-up ethics council will help journalists from criminal prosecution while defending the public’s right to free and unbiased reporting and overall raise the bar of reporting quality in Mongolia.”