MIPTV Spotlight: GMA Network


GMA Network’s Owe My Love is a romantic comedy about Sensen, a woman who is always in a tight financial situation despite being an industrious and conscientious worker.

It is set in 2023, a near future when people are still trying to recover from the debilitating economic impacts of the pandemic. “Viewers will be able to relate to the struggles of the lead characters and watch their love story unfold,” says Roxanne J. Barcelona, VP of GMA Network’s worldwide division. “It highlights the human spirit to survive hardships while keeping a positive outlook in life.”

Further highlights include the romantic comedy The First Nanny and anthology series I Can See You, which uses a common visual storytelling device—a camera—as the silent witness to tales of love and mystery.

“These dramas will appeal to viewers who are looking for themes that revolve around issues that affect modern-day society, giving hope and touching their hearts,” says Barcelona.