MIPTV Spotlight: FINAS


CANNES: The latest development for FINAS is the launching of the Film In Malaysia Incentive (FIMI), an effort from the Malaysian government by the secretary-general of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture.

“As of 2013, international and local movies filmed in Malaysia will be given a production rebate of 30 percent,” explains Raja Rozaimie Raja Dalnish Shah, the director-general of FINAS. “This move is to encourage the filming of international movies in Malaysia and to stimulate the local film industry.” He adds that FINAS is going to continue its efforts in promoting and marketing Malaysian productions—feature films, documentaries and animated content—to the global market, while also focusing on delivering the highest quality content. Engaging in more co-productions with international producers and attracting more productions to shoot in Malaysia are also on the list of priorities.