CASBAA TV Upfronts Find Success in Jakarta


JAKARTA: The most recent CASBAA TV Upfronts, which took place late last month in Jakarta, Indonesia, brought in close to 100 delegates and attendees representing media agencies, clients, pay-TV broadcasters and partners.

The event featured keynote speaker Andi Sadha, CEO of Activate; guest speaker Irawati Pratignyo, managing director of media at Nielsen; and in-market partner Irfan Ramli, chairman of P3I DKI Jaya. New programs and advertising opportunities were presented by A+E Networks Asia, FOX International Channels, NBCUniversal, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

There was also the Jakarta Screenings, which provided invited guests with information about new content opportunities and case studies offering options for the planning and development of media campaigns.

"We have been very pleased with the overall reception to our CASBAA TV Upfronts throughout the Asia Pacific," said Christopher Slaughter, the CEO of CASBAA. "As a showcase for the multichannel TV industry, media buyers and advertisers can see firsthand the hottest content and bespoke and localized advertising solutions our members can offer."

"The TV Upfronts offered attendees the rediscovery for the power of pay TV and how it can be a very engaging (both local and regional) campaign platform," noted Sadha.

"I see the pay-TV platform as a must in the future of the advertising industry, especially in Indonesia where the platform is experiencing increased growth," stated Ramli.

"Pay TV for Indonesians has become an 'affordable' luxury that reaches not only the upper segment of the consumers, but has also reached the growing middle class," added Pratignyo. "With so many providers and channels that the pay-TV platform can offer, it is now crucial for brand planners to be planning their media strategies differently."