ABS & Sarana Media Vision to Bring FreeViewSat to Indonesia


MACAU: ABS is partnering with Sarana Media Vision (SMV) to launch a consumer FreeView satellite service, FreeViewSat, across Indonesia.

The service, debuting in January 2017, will be called SMV FreeViewSat and will initially broadcast across 60 television channels via the ABS-2, ABS-2A and ABS-6 satellites in both Ku and C-band. It will mark the first time in Indonesia that a free-to-view platform will be available throughout the entire country. At launch, FreeViewSat will carry at least 30 local free-to-air channels and more than 30 international channels.

Tom Choi, CEO of ABS, commented, “SMV’s FreeViewSat will be very attractive for Indonesia by providing great quality international and unique domestic programming to the entire country. The goal is to deliver high-quality entertainment and educational content affordable to all. For the first time, everybody, not only the affluent or those in the urban areas, will be able to receive high-quality programming for free, with just a one-time purchase of a set-top box and dish. FreeViewSat will also give advertisers the first real opportunity to reach the whole population of Indonesia, even in rural areas. ABS is delighted to be partnering and supporting this highly worthwhile venture.’’