Showcase: GMA Network


As the leading broadcasting company in the Philippines, GMA Network remains steadfast in its corporate purpose of enriching the lives of Filipinos everywhere through its top-flight entertainment and the responsible, unbiased and timely delivery of accurate news and information.

“And as part of this, we continue to expand our reach by opening more local stations across the Philippines,” says Annette Gozon-Valdes, GMA Network’s Senior Vice President for Programming, Talent Management, Worldwide and Support Group, and President of GMA Films. “We currently operate a network of 98 TV stations and 21 radio stations throughout the country.

“Side by side with our technical supremacy is our emphasis on great content production across all of our media channels in order to continuously grow our audience share,” Gozon-Valdes continues.

As content remains king in this day and age, GMA Network is staying on top of the game with a top priority to deliver “fresh, appealing, high-quality content to our audience,” Gozon-Valdes says. “Hence, we continue to collaborate with the best talent and utilize cutting-edge technology.”

With GMA Network already conquering the feat of becoming the Philippines’ leading broadcasting company, the next frontier is to become a global leader, too, says Gozon-Valdes. “Today, GMA is the primary source of Filipino content around the world, providing a wide array of programs that entertain and inspire viewers wherever they may be.”

Through GMA Worldwide, the network’s originals and other GMA content are being distributed to over 40 countries on five continents. GMA Worldwide has licensed over 100 titles around the globe and continues to reach more and more viewers worldwide via program syndication.

“Our latest collaborations with other international platforms—whether on-air or online—have made it more possible for our world-class content to be available to a wider audience,” Gozon-Valdes says.

GMA has embraced a “glocal” outlook in producing content aimed at the local and global markets. “We have always been content creators,” says Gozon-Valdes. “We believe that every program and all the content we produce has to have a global appeal while still being locally relevant. We do not discriminate and are always open to new ideas that can be developed into something great.”

While GMA Network continuously produces fresh programs and content, it makes sure that the themes remain universal and relatable. “We have stories about love, family and revenge, which cuts across cultures and languages,” Gozon-Valdes says. “We have stories of women empowerment and strong female leads. Each story is compelling and engages viewers emotionally. Each series is carefully thought of—a well-crafted plot, complex characters and relatable themes are all key ingredients.”

Added to this, high production values create an immersive and engaging viewing experience. “This is why GMA continuously invests in upgrades on production equipment and technical training to further enhance the overall production quality and make our programs truly world-class,” Gozon-Valdes explains.

“Given the fast-paced improvement in technology and new platforms, we are always on our toes. We have to be one step ahead even with our audience to give them what they want.”

Crocodile Whisperer, Love You Stranger, Return to Paradise, Article 247, The First Nanny, First Lady, Love You Two and Broken Hearts are just some of the GMA-produced series that were first loved by Filipino audiences and are now being enjoyed around the rest of the world. GMA is also set to make the hit series The Write One and Widows’ Web available to audiences outside of the Philippines. Maria Clara and Ibarra and Voltes V: Legacy, a live-action series produced by GMA Network in partnership with Toei Company and Telesuccess Productions, round out the highlights.

“While these are local titles, their stories resonate with the global audience as well, as they tackle universal themes that everyone can relate to,” says Gozon-Valdes.

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