MIPTV Moves Forward for “Reformatted” In-Person Event


RX France has unveiled new details for the 59th annual MIPTV, which is set to take place in person in Cannes from April 4 to 6, 2022.

The “reshaped plans” address evolving exhibitor needs as well as provide further context, insights and relevance in areas such as development and financing.

The reformatted three-day schedule will see MIPFormats and MIPDoc, previously held the weekend prior to the market, rolled into the main MIPTV program in the Palais des Festivals. MIPDrama will take place on Sunday, April 3. Season five of Canneseries will run from April 1 to 6. Esports BAR, the esports industry’s largest global B2B gathering, will run alongside the MIPTV market.

RX France is working on a transformed layout featuring a new exhibition floorplan alongside newly curated flexible meeting spaces within the Palais, “to accommodate a more engaging and holistic business environment,” the organizer said.

Lucy Smith, RX France’s director of MIPTV and MIPCOM, said: “It is both hugely exciting and very timely to be able to now realize our ambitions for reshaping MIPTV. We believe the MIP community needs the MIPTV platform this spring more than ever as the global meeting point for their business. My role is to make sure that the MIP experience continues to excite and deliver as we evolve and streamline the format.

“The overriding feedback from MIPCOM was that Cannes is irreplaceable in the hearts and minds of the international television community. The personal side of our business has never been so missed and the opportunity to meet again collectively has never been so valued. Whilst models may change over time, this remains a constant with MIPTV poised to welcome more companies back to Cannes as further countries lift restrictions.

“Our progressive plans build on all that is loved about Cannes, and its standing as the red-carpet capital of the world, whilst evolving to give greater flexibility, cost efficiencies and a broader canvas of opportunities at a key time in the industry calendar.”