MIPCOM Spotlight: Keshet International


Two of Israel’s most popular performers face off in Showdown: Aviv/Eyal, on offer from Keshet International, to discover the country’s next great singing talent.

“Talent shows have always been and will continue to be staples in broadcasters’ schedules because of their broad appeal and Cinderella element,” says Keren Shahar, COO and president of distribution at Keshet International. “Showdown is no exception, but we believe that with this format you get a built-in audience and viewer engagement by having two well-known local artists headline the show.”

There’s also Personal Dater, a dating format featuring best friends and social media, and Anna’s 12 Steps to Love, which has a “fly-on-the-wall, observational-documentary feel to it,” says Shahar. “This is a style and tone that viewers have grown to appreciate and expect in the past couple of years.”

“Our recent acquisition of Greenbird Media means we have lots of brand-new factual English-language finished tape,” adds Shahar.

The story in Stockholm follows as a leading candidate for the Nobel Prize in economics is found dead in his bed after an apparent heart attack just five days before the winners are announced. “This is a darkly mischievous drama featuring a stellar cast of accomplished actors that shines a light on lifelong friendships in a unique and funny way,” says Rose Hughes, senior sales manager at Keshet International.

Autonomies is a dystopian drama set in an alternate reality of present-day Israel. “This family-focused drama feels so globally relevant right now, centering as it does on the burning issues of identity, religion, politics and personal freedom,” says Hughes.

There’s also the family drama Sleeping Bears, written by Keren Margalit (Yellow Peppers, The A Word).

“Viewers don’t just want explosions and thrills; they also want to think, and they want TV that connects with their emotions,” says Hughes.