Crunchyroll Brings Four Anime Series to Global Market


Crunchyroll has made four of its anime series available for license worldwide outside of Asia.

Among the series is TAMA of the 3rd District-Have You Seen My TAMA?, which follows the daily lives of a cat named Tama and his cat and dog friends. As their curiosity gets the best of them, they learn enduring values of friendship and teamwork. There’s also Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God, which welcomes viewers into the world of ancient Egyptian gods who are living their lives freely.

Nyanpire centers a poor little abandoned kitten that is picked up by a vampire who gives it some of its own blood to save its life—growing fangs and a pair of wings and becoming Nyanpire. Lastly, Anime KAPIBARASAN follows Kapibara-san, who loves sitting in the hot springs and eating grass with his pals in Midorino Grassland.

Crunchyroll manages all rights for more than 300 anime series.

John Leonhardt, head of consumer products at Crunchyroll, said: “Anime offers something for everyone; from action to romance, comedy to fantasy, a slice of life and more. This latest slate of charming anime series would make a delightful addition to your portfolio of products across categories.”