ComediHa!’s Snowball Effect Sells Around the World


The Canadian comedy series Snowball Effect, produced by ComediHa! in collaboration with Bell Media, has been sold into France and Belgium, and an adaptation for the American market has been planned.

Telling the story of a man caught up in the shady world of a secret organization pulling the strings of Québec City and its famous Festival des Neiges, the series debuted on Noovo this past winter. The first season is still available for viewing on Crave. Filming for the second season is scheduled to begin at the end of October, with a premiere date set for January.

Snowball Effect is directed by Guillaume Lonergan. ComediHa! came up with the original idea in collaboration with Daniel Gagnon and Eric Belley, who are also the show’s script editors. The scripts are written by Kristine Metz, Philippe Gendron and Julien Tapp.

“We couldn’t be prouder to represent Snowball Effect on the international market,” said Alexandre Avon, VP of business relations at ComediHa! Distribution. “It goes without saying that this series is a great complement to the other shows in ComediHa! Distribution’s comedy portfolio. Since launching on the international scene last spring, Snowball Effect has generated a great deal of interest, captivating international markets with its offbeat dark humor that is so absurd, it’s funny.”

“As a producer, I’m so happy that a new drama created and produced by the ComediHa! teams is generating sales in international markets,” said Sylvain Parent-Bédard, president and CEO of ComediHa! “These results help shine a light on the talent of our artisans and teams.”

Suzanne Landry, VP of content development, programming and information at Bell Media, added, “It is a great honor to offer our talented actors and artisans this opportunity to showcase their work on international markets. Bell Media is making its mark on the global television scene with original, top-quality content and demonstrates its exceptional ability to promote its productions beyond our borders. It has been a true pleasure collaborating with the seasoned team at ComediHa! to share Snowball Effect with the world.”