Bolt+ Secures WBSC’s Women’s Softball & Baseball World Cup Finals


Bolt+ has picked up the global live streaming rights for WBSC’s 2024 Women’s Softball World Cup Finals and WBSC’s 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup Finals.

Through a partnership with the Dooya Media Group, Bolt+ will be the streaming home for these events in most territories around the world. The WBSC’s 2024 Women’s Softball World Cup Finals 2024 from Castions Di Strada and Buttrio, Italy, and the WBSC’s 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup Finals 2024 from Thunder Bay, Canada, will be available for live global streaming on Bolt+, excluding select territories such as South America, Mexico, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

“The Dooya Media Group and Bolt+ are aligned in wanting to create greater awareness for women’s sports and women in sport,” said Jamal Hassim, CEO of BoltOS. “Beyond streaming games from these two major tournaments, Bolt+ is utilizing its interactive television tools to create a whole new experience for audiences to ‘participate’ in ‘live’ sports on television. This partnership underscores our commitment to expand our women’s sports offering and solidify our position as a destination for premier live events and original programming across various genres. At Bolt+, we add the element of audience immersion to ‘live’ events to create a truly unique experience for the home viewer.”

John Wells, CEO of Dooya Media Group, said, “Bolt+ is the ideal platform to showcase these world-class live events. We look forward to providing viewers with unparalleled access to the intense action and drama, enhanced by Bolt+’s innovative audience immersion features that will drive interaction and brand building.”