BBC Studios & SABC Pact for BBC Primetime


BBC Studios and South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) are launching the BBC Primetime content block on S3.

Featuring a hand-picked selection of dramas, factual entertainment and documentaries from BBC Studios’ catalog, BBC Primetime will be available to watch weeknights between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. on S3 and on SABC+ from May 2024.

The content block will include a range of shows such as the psychological crime thriller Luther, the medical drama Critical, the motoring show Top Gear (seasons 14 to 17) and the romantic comedy Cheaters. The documentary series Louis Theroux: Forbidden America, exploring three controversial corners of American entertainment and culture, will also be available from launch.

Pierre Cloete, the commercial director at BBC Studios in Africa, said: “I am so excited to launch our first BBC branded block in Africa with SABC. BBC Primetime will be hand-picked for S3 audiences, packed with a selection of incredible programming from our award-winning catalog. From intense thrillers, crime dramas and inspiring documentaries, this marks our first block for free-to-air audiences in South Africa, giving 13 million homes access to BBC Studios’ shows. I can’t wait for the 2024 launch.”

Sane Zondi, programming manager at SABC, added: “This partnership with BBC Studios is born out of the need for us to fulfill our commitment to delivering high-quality international content to our viewers. We are excited to have access to a vast catalog from the BBC and the unlimited, world-class entertainment our viewers will be able to enjoy through BBC Primetime on S3. The deal allows us to bring back some of the iconic BBC titles to our viewers which formed weekly habitual viewing, with Top Gear being the most notable one. I know our viewers will be delighted for the return to their screens, and I know it will form their weekly engagements with us. There is a range of new content that we are keen for our audiences to watch. We look forward to seeing some of the sentiments and reactions across our social media platforms on this great new era on our channel.”