Asian Academy Creative Awards Adds New Categories


The Asian Academy of Creative Arts is set to launch new categories for 2024’s Asian Academy Creative Awards, bringing the total number of categories for this year to 41.

The best adaptation of an existing format category will now be split into scripted and non-scripted. The current award for best cinematography will be split into fiction and nonfiction, along with the best original production by a streamer award.

The best documentary‚ÄĒhistory award is new. The best general entertainment for game and quiz programs award will become two separate categories.

The best voice artist category has been paused. Additionally, the legacy award winner will be decided by the elite members of the Asian Academy of Creative Arts.

Best short-form content will also be split into scripted and non-scripted categories. “We’re especially encouraging innovative entries from advanced students and established filmmakers who want to shine the international spotlight on their work,” said Asian Academy Creative Awards CEO Fiona McKay.