Partners Lined Up for Doc The Day the Dinosaurs Died


A range of international broadcast partners are in place for the documentary film The Day the Dinosaurs Died (working title).

The doc is produced by Barcroft Productions for the BBC in association with NOVA/WGBH, France 5/France Télévisions, ZDF, BBC Worldwide, NHK and ABC Australia. BBC Worldwide will distribute the special in territories outside the U.K., North America, France, Japan, Australia and Germany, with Drive handling the other markets.

The Day the Dinosaurs Died is a scientific documentary event that seeks to uncover the story of one of the most dramatic days in the planet’s history. Barcroft Productions gained exclusive access to an expedition that has been drilling down into the impact crater in the Gulf of Mexico created by the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Ben Barrett, joint managing director of Drive, said: “It’s not every day that we come across a project that ticks as many boxes as this one, blending iconic natural history with newsworthy scientific discoveries and global appeal. These factors helped us to bring so many prestigious partners to the project, and to support the producers in raising a budget to do the subject matter justice.”

Sam Barcroft, CEO of Barcroft Productions, added: “The Day the Dinosaurs Died is a major international production and we needed to tell this story with real scale. Drive helped us achieve that by assembling a formidable group of international broadcasters who shared our vision to tell this important story to audiences all around the world.”