MIPTV Spotlight: Deutsche Welle/DW Transtel


The diverse range of programming that DW Transtel has to offer from Deutsche Welle is on full display at MIPTV.

The long-running euromaxx program has been revamped with a new look and feel, though it continues to showcase European luxury and lifestyles with an exclusive look at art, culture, fashion and entertainment. The Migration Millennium delves deep into the issues surrounding migration.

“With topics like migration, we know that we will strike a chord with viewers worldwide,” says Petra Schneider, the company’s director of sales and distribution. “euromaxx has proven year in and year out to be one of the most popular titles we have to offer, and this year, it’s got a new look, too. We can’t wait to meet with distributors to see what they have to say about our new lineup.”

“This year’s MIPTV gives us a great opportunity to showcase our full range of captivating factual entertainment,” Schneider adds.