We Are Pride Adds Lesflicks Content to Offering


VA Media’s We Are Pride YouTube channel has teamed with Lesflicks to premiere five brand-new lesbian films and digital series in June and beyond to celebrate Pride Month.

Coming to We Are Pride are The Visit, Love Me Lex, The Whistle, When Abbie Met Emily and Metro Sexual.

The Visit, a short film from writer-director Shannan Leigh Reeve, sees a simple birthday card and a first-class ticket bring And and Emily face-to-face with a question that neither thought she was ready to confront.

The seven-episode web series Love Me Lex follows a 40-something woman looking for love in the tiny puddle that is the lesbian dating pool. It comes fro writer and director Sanja Katich and is produced by Stephanie Davis and Somedae Pictures.

The Whistle, a feature documentary from director StormMiguel Florez, reveals the story of a secret code created by and shared among young lesbians in 1970s and ’80s Albuquerque, New Mexico, as a means of self-identification and finding community.

The short film When Abbie Met Emily, from director Kevin Walls, sees an offbeat young woman encounter her perfect match in a movie theater and summon the courage to win her dream girl’s heart.

Metro Sexual, starring Geraldine Hickey and Riley Nottingham, follows the lives of doctors Stephanie Huddleston and Langdon Marsh, who work at Metropolitan Sexual Health, while also juggling friendships, relationships with colleagues and their love lives. The Australian comedy is shot in a rockumentary style.

We Are Pride is already home to some of the most-watched lesbian films and series on YouTube, including More Beautiful for Having Been Broken (8.9 million views), Camp Belvidere (7.2 million), Tell Me I Love You (6.3 million), AESOP (4.2 million) and Looking For Her (3.3 million). Most recently, We Are Pride premiered the lesbian series Rumors, which has garnered over 1 million views after one month.

“Lesflicks is at the forefront of lesbian storytelling, bringing honest and absorbing stories of sapphic love to the screen,” said Hannah Barnes, director of unscripted and original production at We Are Pride. “We are really pleased to be deepening our partnership with Naomi and the team at Lesflicks to license a raft of acclaimed content for the We Are Pride YouTube channel as we celebrate Pride Month this June and beyond.

“Lesbian content is our most popular content on We Are Pride. Audiences are craving authenticity and representation in the content they watch, and we anticipate our partnership with Lesflicks will only continue to grow with the demand for these films and series.”

Naomi Bennett, founder and CEO of Lesflicks, added, “Everyone deserves to see themselves on screen, and authentic lesbian and bisexual stories offer hope to those discovering their true selves as part of their coming out. Lesflicks proudly champions underrepresented voices and showcases authentic sapphic stories otherwise overlooked by mainstream distributors. We work with independent filmmakers and share their stories because they matter—and not just in Pride Month because as a lesbian-owned business we know that our audiences are queer all year, not just in June!

“A minimum of 11 million women worldwide don’t identify as heterosexual, and that number only grows year on year. Together with the We Are Pride YouTube channel, we’re going to celebrate those women and their stories this Pride Month and beyond.”