Warner Bros. Discovery Rebrands Directors Program


Warner Bros. Discovery has unveiled plans for its rebranded Access Directors Program, which was previously housed within Warner Bros. Television but will now be led by the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion team.

The new expanded program will include several opportunities for participants, including the opportunity to work on shows across the Warner Bros. Discovery portfolio, the ability to shadow directors on up to two television episodes, virtual curriculum highlighting best practices, equity mindset sessions and a small childcare stipend for directors while shadowing. The program also ensures that graduates receive an opportunity to direct a full Warner Bros. Discovery TV episode.

Interested directors can submit their application through March 20. The program now allows directors who have directed one episode of television to apply if the episode they directed occurred more than two years from the application date.

The new program will begin in June with an in-person workshop led by Mary Lou Belli and Bethany Rooney, who previously taught the Warner Bros. Television workshop and are co-authors of Directors Tell the Story.

“We are excited to continue the legacy of the Directors Program and expand the program, which will continue to include Warner Bros. Television productions and will also feature shows across the Warner Bros. Discovery portfolio,” said Karen Horne, senior VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “These programs are the key to cultivating underrepresented emerging talent and equipping them with skills and experience needed to succeed in the industry.”