The Film Detective Streaming Service Adds New Partners


The Film Detective, a streaming service for classic movies and TV series, has lined up three new partnerships to add to its growing library of titles.

The Film Detective can now tap into content from Kit Parker Films, VCI Entertainment and Independent International Pictures (IIP). Kit Parker Films is home to such films as 1945’s A Walk in the Sun, the film noirs New York Confidential (1955) and Bad Blonde (1953) and the 1964 western Apache Rifles. IIP’s library features 1954’s Two Nights with Cleopatra, starring Sophia Loren. VCI Entertainment has more than 5,000 titles, from British collections and film noir to cartoons like Clutch Cargo and Space Angel.

Phil Hopkins, founder of The Film Detective, said: “The Film Detective is leading a new path during the era of the cord cutter, opening its doors to those unique genres that don’t quite have a home. With these new partnerships, The Film Detective taps further into the rich cinema history of our country and beyond and is able to significantly expand its library to satisfy the varied interests of classic cinephiles, whose movie appetites expand past the summer blockbuster toward arthouse, vintage, cult and niche programming.”