Summer Programming Lined Up for Syfy


NEW YORK: A record number of prime-time original programming hours are in place for Syfy’s summer schedule, which includes the premiere of the new unscripted series School Spirits, from executive producer Mark Burnett.

The summer programming kicks off on May 25 with the premiere of the new original Insane or Inspired? The fast-paced, hour-long countdown looks at viral videos from the Internet. In June, season two of Haunted Collector, featuring paranormal collector John Zaffis, gets under way. Later in the month, the new original series School Spirits, from exec producer Mark Burnett, comes to Syfy. The show travels to schools and universities to explore ghost stories and paranormal experiences. The network has also lined up a number of new original movies. This includes Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Piranhaconda, Arachnoquake and Bigfoot.

In July, a fifth season of Destination Truth premieres on the network. July 10 will see the premiere of Paranormal Highway, a new original series featuring Jack Osbourne and his friend Dana Workman as they do their own personal investigations into paranormal claims. Eureka will have its series finale, while Warehouse 13 has its fourth season premiere and Alphas has its second season premiere.

The month of August will feature the return of Paranormal Witness and Face Off.