Quibi Releases Seven New Shows 


Quibi released seven new shows today, including The Stranger from Veena Sud (The Lie, Seven Seconds, The Killing).

In The Stranger, an unassuming young rideshare driver is thrown into her worst nightmare when a mysterious Hollywood Hills passenger enters her car. Her terrifying, heart-stopping ride with the stranger unfolds over 12 hours as she navigates the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles in a chilling game of cat and mouse.

Further new “Movies in Chapters” include Antoine Fuqua’s #FreeRayshawn, starring Laurence Fishburne and Stephan James; 50 States of Fright, which comes from Sam Raimi and stars Rachel Brosnahan, Travis Fimmel and more; and the comedy Agua Donkeys from Funny or Die.

New unscripted series include Elba vs. Block, starring Idris Elba and Ken Block; Fight Like a Girl, featuring the WWE Superstars; and Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand.

All new shows on Quibi will be released on Mondays. New episodes will be released daily (Monday through Friday) until a series is complete.