Osiris Heading to MIPTV with Expanded Catalogue


LOS ANGELES: Osiris Entertainment is gearing up for MIPTV with a large library of independently produced films, including Suspicion, looking to shore up international television and VOD agreements.

Osiris’s MIPTV film slate features Suspicion, a film about a retired mobster with cancer who befriends a young woman, and The Eves, which centers on a group of students who set out on spring break when they find themselves stranded at a secluded hunting lodge. Circus Maximus, the second film from Tommy J. La Sorsa (All Saints Day), is about an established screenwriter, Cal Neros (Julian McCullough), who must complete an entire screenplay within a solitary weekend. All God’s Creatures is about a man who spends his days working as a barista in New York City and his nights killing prostitutes. It examines what it means to be a monster and reveals that love is not only for a chosen few, but for all God’s creatures.

The film Wages of Sin tells the story of a small-town drifter who devises a plan to kidnap the daughter of the richest man in town, while The Twenty is about a man attempts to crack the code of a message written on a $20 bill. Legacy features a girl who is kidnapped at the age of eleven by her serial killer father.

“I am delighted to bring one of our largest film slates yet to MIPTV,” said Evan Crooke, the founder and CEO of Osiris Entertainment. “Our genre defining catalogue boasts top talent, unprecedented storytelling and will appeal to viewers across the world.”