NATPE Spotlight: Adler & Associates Entertainment


Human trafficking takes center stage in Café con Leche, an English-language movie starring Gerardo Taracena (Narcos: Mexico) highlighted by Adler & Associates Entertainment.

“With the current political climate surrounding legal and illegal immigration from Latin America, this makes the film extremely timely and relevant,” says Marie Adler, the CEO of Adler & Associates Entertainment. “Café con Leche will also have great appeal across a wide demographic. The film will be receiving a U.S. theatrical release in the spring of 2019.”

Sand Angels is about a suicidal teenage boy who is taken on a journey by one of the titular creatures.

The younger-skewing Lesson of Magic is a 4K children’s fantasy adventure. “Four friends suddenly find themselves trapped in a castle and playing a treacherous game led by a sorceress and witches from another world,” says Adler.

“We make sure that our titles are fully deliverable for all platforms and markets, and fully localizable into any language,” adds Adler.