Muse Developing Novel Amp’d for TV


LOS ANGELES: Muse Entertainment has acquired the rights to Amp’d, the debut novel by two-time Emmy Award-nominated screenwriter and author Ken Pisani.

Amp’d is set to be developed as a half-hour premium comedy series with Pisani adapting. It tells the story of Aaron, whose life is derailed after a car accident leads to the amputation of his left arm. Before the accident, all he had was a failed marriage and an unrewarding teaching job. Now, he has a chance to overcome adversity and become a better man…though he’d rather take Vicodins and smoke a joint.

“It’s important to Muse to find points of view that haven’t been seen before on television,” said Muse USA’s president and executive producer, Joel S. Rice. “Amp’d is a relatable story about feeling incomplete in this world—both figuratively and literally. But Ken reminds us that even when everything in life has gone to hell, there are still plenty of reasons to laugh.”