MIPCOM Spotlight: MarVista Entertainment


A struggling screenwriter joins forces with his sister, colleagues and renowned seismologists to save Los Angeles from a catastrophic natural disaster in Eruption LA, from MarVista Entertainment.

“With Eruption LA, we have a classic disaster action-thriller movie with great special effects,” Fernando Szew, the CEO of MarVista Entertainment, says.

In the holiday movie Mr. Christmas, a man must decide whether to follow his heart or be true to his buddy when he falls in love with his best friend’s significant other. On Halloween, a group of teens is trapped inside a house by a demonic witch in the movie House of the Witch.

“Established and up-and-coming talent, as well as storylines that resonate with target audiences, are all key elements that make our lineup attractive,” Szew notes. All three films are being made available internationally for the first time.

“We continue to assess market needs and produce and distribute content that meets the varying and ever-changing demands of buyers and viewers all over the world,” Szew says.