MIPCOM Spotlight: dick clark international


CANNES: At MIPCOM, dick clark international is offering both finished episodes and format licensing for the FOX network series World’s Funniest, hosted by Terry Crews.

Bob Kennedy, the senior VP of sales and acquisitions at dick clark international, says, “We expect to announce our first format licensee for World’s Funniest at the market.” Meanwhile, each episode of Fail Army offers 60 viral-worthy HD clips with voiceover. The series has been licensed in more than 220 territories, and season three is on the way. Social-media promotional campaigns are also available for this show. Kennedy notes, “There are over 8 million Fail Army [YouTube channel] subscribers worldwide and FailArmy.com has over 1.5 billion views.” Now in its third year, the entertainment news magazine OK! TV focuses on pop culture.

“Now that we have successfully established dick clark productions in the international community, we are committed to producing local versions of our most popular series,” Kennedy adds.