MIPCOM Spotlight: American Cinema International


The feature The Black Prince, a highlight from American Cinema International, was released theatrically in several territories this summer.

Interest in the title has been high, according to Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, the president of American Cinema International (ACI). “All rights are still available worldwide, excluding the theatrical rights for the territories where the film was released. Now, there are more demands for the four-episode miniseries version that we also distribute.”

ACI also has Love Is All You Need?, based on a short film that went viral in 2013 and reached more than 50 million views internationally. “Like the short, the film will start a conversation that promotes equality and reduces bullying and discrimination,” says O’Shaughnessy. Meanwhile, Runaway Romance is the first of a three-film series based on the works of writer Miralee Ferrell.

O’Shaughnessy notes: “Our main plan is to understand the market and the current demand so that we can supply what the buyers need.”