Housewives Franchise Gets Gaming Extension


NEW YORK: This summer, Bravo is to launch the new Facebook game The Real Housewives: The Game, coinciding with the debut of the fifth season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

The Real Housewives: The Game lets players create a unique identity, interact with their favorite Housewives and create story lines inspired by the Bravo series. Fans can build their own virtual environment and climb the social ladder by participating in challenges. Gamers also have the opportunity to bring their real-life friends into their virtual social circle and players that win “Best Apartment,” “Hottest Wardrobe” and “Highest Social Standing” will be recognized on-air during the live series.

“This new game is a great opportunity for Bravo to take our passionate viewers into the content,” said Lisa Hsia, the executive VP of Bravo Digital Media. “By bringing The Real Housewives into a social setting, fans can now experience the franchise through television, social media and in their own virtual reality.