European MCN Zoomin.TV Launches in the U.S.


NEW YORK: Zoomin.TV, which is Europe's largest multichannel network (MCN), is entering the U.S. market as of today.

Zoomin.TV has more than 8,000 existing channels, and some 500 joining each month. In addition to its presence on YouTube, the outfit has a production and distribution business. It curates 40 content channels daily with the production of more than 400 unique videos per day. Its reach spans 35 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Along with its U.S. expansion, Zoomin.TV has added Chris Young, a veteran of the online video business, to its board of directors.

Jan Riemens, the founder of Zoomin.TV, said, “Given our current strength with U.S. partners and that a significant share of our viewership is U.S.-based, this is a natural and important next step in our global expansion.”
Young added, “Expanding in the U.S. market allows Zoomin.TV to increase user experience through even stronger talent and existing publisher partnerships. Zoomin.TV will look to effectively reach key audiences both through content and advanced ad-tech technologies; resulting in revenue and deep distribution channels.”