Channel Master to Deliver Linear OTT Channels on DVR+


PHOENIX: Channel Master TV is a new U.S. online video service that delivers live internet streams to the free DVR+ platform.

The service is being launched by Channel Master, which has been manufacturing broadcast-reception products since 1949. The DVR+ records over-the-air broadcast content and provides access to videos and music-streaming services. With a new software update, the DVR+ will now feature the Channel Master TV platform, adding live internet channels to the mix of available programming.

"This platform is a game changer in an alternative TV solution," said Joe Bingochea, the executive VP of product development at Channel Master. "We've taken the app out of the OTT experience for streamed linear video. For people who are looking for a non-traditional TV service, Channel Master TV adds an entirely new dimension, combined with OTA, On Demand and DVR in a single guide with no fees."

"In addition to mainstream content such as news channels, we're also interested in unique programming," added Coty Youtsey, Channel Master's president and CEO. "We can turn a live web stream into a branded TV channel and put it in living rooms across North America, without the need to develop an app. It's a great opportunity to grow an audience."

"We're giving the customer what they want in a true zero-fee TV service," continued Youtsey. "Everything they can get for free, including antenna channels, internet channels, streaming services, DVR and program guide, we're providing with no contract and no subscription. And there's a lot more to come."