AFM Spotlight: MarVista Entertainment


SANTA MONICA: Eleven brand-new titles make up the catalogue that MarVista Entertainment brings to this year’s American Film Market.

One of the top highlights is Collision Course, a new action film featuring Tia Carrere, David Chokachi and Dee Wallace. “In addition to the intense action, there’s also an underlying mystery that viewers will want to resolve, so it engages audiences on many different levels,” says Vanessa Shapiro, the company’s executive VP of sales. Love for Christmas is a feel-good holiday movie, which Shapiro describes as “one of those wonderful holiday films that reminds all of us of what is really important in our lives.” The new teen flick Pop Star incorporates both humor and heartbreak, along with the overall theme of working hard to follow a dream.

“In addition to these three titles, MarVista Entertainment has a really diverse slate of films that we believe serves every targeted demographic group,” adds Shapiro. “The films’ production values are superior, the story lines are engaging and each offers true entertainment.”

Visit MarVista’s Screening Room for more on its AFM slate.