ZED to Distribute Her Name Was Grace Kelly


ZED has inked a deal to handle the international distribution of Her Name Was Grace Kelly, a documentary about the late Hollywood movie star and Princess of Monaco.

Produced by Patrick Spica Productions to mark the 90th anniversary of Kelly’s birth, Her Name Was Grace Kelly was made possible due to an exclusive agreement between the production company and the Principality of Monaco, with the Grimaldi family granting director Serge de Sampigny access to its full private archives. The archives, shot in 8mm, in Super 8mm and in Super 16mm by Kelly and her husband Prince Rainier themselves, contain some 38 hours of home movies, half of which have never been seen in public before.

Throughout Her Name Was Grace Kelly, members of the family comment on the images—most of them colorized—that show the Princess of Monaco in a new light. Kelly’s son Prince Albert of Monaco is among those who have agreed to participate in the project, which will launch at Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, France next week.