YouTuber Mark Rober Set to Star in New Discovery Series


Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who is best known for his pop-science and DIY gadget videos on YouTube, is set to return to Discovery in a new series from Jimmy Kimmel’s production company Kimmelot.

Rober previously starred in Discovery’s Shark Week special Shark Rober and is now slated to front Revenge of the Nerd (working title), an all-new series premiering in 2020. Each week on the series, Rober and his team of “Avengineers” will attempt to right the world of wrong-doing. Executive producers Kimmel and Rober will scour the planet to catch troublemakers in the act—seeking revenge in the form of over-the-top pranks that will all be captured by hidden cameras.

“I grew up watching Discovery Channel so the thought of me having my own show is crazy for me comprehend,” said Rober. “As my YouTube channel has grown the past few years, I’ve had some BIG ideas that are too big to pull off on my own. Now, partnering with Discovery and Jimmy means it’s all fair game.”

“The passion that comes through in the incredibly smart content Mark creates made us immediate fans of his,” said Scott Lewers, executive VP of multiplatform programming, live events and network strategy for Discovery, Science and Animal Planet. “His natural curiosity and drive is infectious—that, coupled with Jimmy’s sensibility for fun and humor is what we’re excited to bring to our audience.”