Spirit of the Forest Makes Debut


The cinematic short Spirit of the Forest, from WaterBear Network, Jack Wolfskin and Foundation Conservation Carpathia, has made its debut at the Kendal Mountain Festival in the U.K.

Spirit of the Forest delves into Romania’s Carpathian conservation program, underlining the critical call to preserve our natural world through collaborative action. The film sheds light on the sacred beech trees in Romania, which are under threat, showcasing the intertwined relationship between nature, heritage and human resilience.

As part of Spirit of the Forest, WaterBear, Jack Wolfskin and Foundation Conservation Carpathia have united with Forest of Immortal Stories, an initiative that empowers individuals to adopt ancient beech trees.

The film is a WaterBear Original produced by Beyond Fiction, directed and edited by Jamie Jones.

Poppy Mason-Watts, WaterBear’s chief growth and impact officer,  said, “Spirit of the Forest isn’t just a film; it’s a call to action, inspiring you to be a guardian of our planet’s future. At WaterBear, we’ve always believed in the transformative power of stories. This collaboration proves that when businesses, NGOs and brands unite with purpose, we can act collectively to preserve our planet’s precious heritage and create change.”

Jason Isenberg, Jack Wolfskin’s VP of marketing, added, “Jack Wolfskin and WaterBear are united by a fierce love for nature and rewilding the natural world. Spirit of the Forest is a wild adventure that reminds us of our duty to protect our Earth, and it’s a call to join this exhilarating mission.”

“In the heart of ancient trees lie untold stories,” stated Christoph Promberger, Foundation Conservation Carpathia’s executive director. “With Spirit of the Forest, we’re handing you the keys to be nature’s storyteller and safeguard the legacy of these majestic trees. By adopting an ancient beech tree, individuals can play a role in conserving Nucsoara’s invaluable heart and spirit, while also recognizing that conservation can help propel economic growth.”