Video Interview with The Big Catch’s Ben Fogle

NEW YORK: Ben Fogle, the host of The Big Catch, sat down with TV Real to talk about how the series differs from some of the more traditional fishing shows and about what his dynamic is like with the contestants.

From the BBC’s Natural History Unit, The Big Catch is among the latest factual-entertainment series delivered to global audiences by BBC Worldwide. The show was conceived by Samantha Beddoes (The Great British Bake Off) and Tim Martin (Natural World, Atlantic) and is led by presenter Ben Fogle (Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle, On Thin Ice). In The Big Catch, eight passionate anglers compete in a fishing contest as they set out on an adventure that takes them to dramatic and challenging fishing destinations around the world.

This interview is available with subtitles in Spanish, Mandarin and French.