TV Real Screenings Festival: Rive Gauche


Rive Gauche’s selections in the TV Real Screenings Festival include the three-part natural-history production Living Earth, exploring plants and animals in deserts.

“Using gyro-stabilized 8K aerials, 6K drone photography, high-speed Phantom photography, timelapse, macro and elegant graphics, we will reveal the inner workings of these ecosystems in breathtaking detail—from the individual hairs on the back of a jumping spider to the wingbeats of a dragonfly as it plucks a mayfly from above the water,” says Marine Ksadzhikyan, COO and executive VP of sales.

Also available is the six-part doc series In Their Own Words, which profiles the likes of Angela Merkel and Elon Musk, and the 13-part series Disaster Déjà Vu, about cities like San Francisco and Peru that suffered brutal natural disasters twice.