MIPCOM Spotlight: Rive Gauche


Leading Rive Gauche’s MIPCOM slate, In Their Own Words takes viewers on a trip into the lives and minds of such icons as Elon Musk, Pope Francis, Diana Princess of Wales, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chuck Berry and President Jimmy Carter.

In each episode of Disaster Déjà Vu, a pair of cities and the unbelievable disasters that struck each one twice are featured. “Using cutting-edge GFX, original film footage and photos, along with sound design, the series will take the viewer right inside each of these disasters,” says Marine Ksadzhikyan, COO and executive VP of sales.

Survivors tells the stories of those who escaped opioid addiction, as well as those who have yet to. “The powerful documentary chronicles the life-changing [effects] that opioids have on otherwise well-functioning individuals and couples,” says Ksadzhikyan.

“Rive Gauche is continuously striving to bring content that is premium, unique and relevant to our clients globally,” adds Ksadzhikyan.