TV Real Screenings Festival Now Live


Unique access, stunning visuals, stranger-than-fiction stories and brand-new perspectives on rarely seen and well-known scenic vistas can be found across the 15 highlights in our latest edition of the TV Real Screenings Festival.

Whether you need a returning brand with volume to build engagement or a landmark event you can throw marketing weight behind, you’ll discover something new on Clicking on each show title below will take you directly to the trailer.

ZDF Studios is playing to all of its non-scripted strengths with its collection for the TV Real Screenings Festival, highlighting a mix of science and knowledge, history and wildlife projects. Two blue-chip natural history titles are on offer: the two-part Namibia’s Natural Wonders and wildlife filmmaker Thomas Behrend’s four-episode Seas in Motion. Of Seas in Motion, Ralf Rückauer, VP Unscripted, remarks: “Innovative drone and underwater camera technology provide an intimate insight into the lives of rare sea creatures, including behavior never before captured on film.” History’s Greatest Myths questions long-held beliefs about iconic historical figures and events. Also on the history slate, a new season of Ancient Apocalypse will continue its explorations of lost civilizations. ZDF Studios is also showcasing a new slate of episodes in its Mega Building Collection, each focusing on a specific technical achievement. “What drives scientists, inventors and engineers to push the limits of what is possible? These innovators continually strive to design and develop technology, machines and buildings that help us defy the challenges of space and time,” Rückauer says.

All3Media International, similarly, is showcasing a slate of titles that speak to the depths of its factual catalog. On the factual-entertainment front, Drone Cops delivers “a unique, multi-layered view of high-octane frontline policing,” says Rachel Job, senior VP of non-scripted, while Getting Filthy Rich looks at the world of online sex work with Olivia Attwood. A third season of Remarkable Places to Eat is “perfect escapist viewing,” says Job of the show, hosted by Fred Sirieix. Also on the lifestyle end, Inside Royal Kensington & Chelsea lets audiences see “inside how the other half live,” Job says. “Viewers can gasp at homes worth over £20 million, enter into the most exclusive of private members clubs, take a table at Princess Diana’s favorite restaurants and discover where Prince Philip had his stag do.” Celebrity Race Across the World, a new take on Studio Lambert’s global travel format, is also available. All3Media International is also rolling out a new crime documentary, London Bridge: Facing Terror, about the three men who stopped the attacks at London Bridge in 2019. “The talented team at Raw has crafted an intelligent, powerful, important documentary, asking huge moral questions about heroism, redemption and finding humanity and hope in the aftermath of horrific tragedy,” Job says.

BossaNova’s TV Real Screenings Festival highlights lead off with Adventure Gold Diggers, with two seasons following mining teams as they prospect for gold. “With its breathtaking landscapes, authentic characters and heart-pounding challenges, this show is a must-watch for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts,” says Holly Cowdery, the company’s head of sales. Motorway Hotel, meanwhile, takes viewers inside a family-run hotel near Staffordshire’s M6. “This series blends heartwarming family dynamics, high-stress events and quirky local characters,” Cowdery says. BossaNova is also touting a new travel show, Leave No Trace, which “combines luxury travel with a profound commitment to ecotourism and sustainability,” Cowdery says. Travel meets history in Ottoman Empire By Train, fronted by Professor Alice Roberts. “It unveils the empire’s epic scale and turbulent history,” Cowdery says. “Following the success of Ancient Egypt By Train, we are excited to share this unmissable new series.”

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