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TV Real In-Demand: Travel & Adventure


Amid COVID-19-related restrictions, these inspiring travel and adventure titles give viewers the chance to experience the wonders of the world—from the comfort of the living room: all3media international’s Race Across the World, Off the Fence’s The Tourist, PBS International’s The Frozen Chosen and Beyond Rights’ Edges Unknown.

Race Across the World

Commissioned By: BBC Two, all3media international
Produced By: Studio Lambert
Rights Available: All rights available from all3media international.
Description: Five teams experience the adventure of a lifetime, racing down Latin America. Skill, ingenuity and determination as well as friendships and the kindness of strangers give teams the best chance of winning. Two seasons available, with season one consisting of 6×60-minute episodes and season two with 9×60-minute episodes.
Pitch Perfect: Race Across the World pits five pairs of travelers against each other to get from point A to B fastest without flying and all on the budget of a one-way flight. No mobile phones, no credit cards, the contestants just have the cash provided and a map. Format also available if we can ever travel again!
Slot Winner: Season two is currently the second highest-rated program on BBC Two this year, attracting 3.7 million viewers, growing its audience by 46 percent. Season one ended on a high with 3.2 million viewers, exceeding the slot average by 62 percent.
Sales Contact: Sally Habbershaw.

The Tourist

Produced By: Canary Financial Investments
Rights Available: All rights worldwide from Off the Fence.
Description: Join Cesar Sar, “The Tourist,” as he embarks on a spectacular trip around the world, taking us to 60 countries and across every continent. Encompasses 46×60-minute episodes or 92×30-minute episodes.
Pitch Perfect: During a time when we all need a little cheering up, Cesar brings so much fun and energy to our screens! Across many episodes, viewers will see their travel dreams come to life—in preparation for those long-overdue holidays.
Sales Contacts: Stefanie Fischer, Managing Director, Sales; Rebeca Fernandez, Sales Director; Antoine Paul, Sales Manager.

The Frozen Chosen

Produced By: Steven J. Boettcher Productions
Rights Available: All rights worldwide from PBS International.
Description: This one-hour special brings you face to face with giant prehistoric fish and shoulder to shoulder with the people obsessed with hunting them.
Pitch Perfect: For 16 days each winter, hunters venture out on a vast frozen lake armed with seven-foot spears on a quest for a prehistoric fish. Danger exists in every direction. A single miscalculation can cost their lives. The Frozen Chosen follows these brave hunters on a sporting event that tests their incredible courage and their patience. This is a brand-new show, and we’re thrilled to bring this fun and thrilling doc to the market!
Sales Contacts: Betsy LeBlanc, Director, Sales; Anna Alvord, Senior Sales Manager; Nanci Church, Senior Sales Manager.

Edges Unknown

Produced By: 4East Media
Rights Available: Worldwide rights excluding Canada from Beyond Rights.
Description: A fresh new twist on the survival genre. Brett Rogers and Cliff Quinn head back in time to try the original toughest jobs, including logging. The series consists of 7×60-minute episodes.
Pitch Perfect: Friends and survival experts Brett Rogers and Cliff Quinn head back in time to challenge themselves to take on the original toughest jobs: from logging to prospecting, ranching and fishing. Following the footsteps of their pioneer heroes, they enter remote locations with nothing but basic tools, facing challenging conditions and extreme weather. Can they do it, or have modern men gone too soft?
Sales Contacts: Simona Argenti, Lenneke de Jong, Sherry Fynbo.

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