Deep Fusion Films Readies James Hunt Doc


Production company and AI specialist Deep Fusion Films is prepping a feature documentary about British racing driver James Hunt, whose Formula 1 career peaked in 1976.

The 90-minute Hunt: We Need to Talk About James (w.t.) is the result of a partnership between Deep Fusion Films and the James Hunt Estate. Benjamin Field will direct the film, which is due to commence shooting in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Hunt’s outrageous behavior and live-fast-die-young attitude brought him into disrepute with the Formula 1 establishment during his fame.

Freddie Hunt, James Hunt’s son, said: “This documentary is a chance to share the true story of my father, the man behind the celebrity. It’s about understanding him more than judging; about celebrating the depth beyond the fast cars and flashy lifestyle. We are extremely excited to partner with Deep Fusion Films to show the world a side of my dad that few have seen.”

Field, co-founder of Deep Fusion Films, said: “James Hunt’s story is not just captivating for motorsports fans—it’s also the saga of a man who lived fiercely and on his own terms. Hunt: We Need to Talk About James will paint a portrait of James that goes far beyond his public persona to reveal the private trials, tribulations and triumphs that made him a Formula 1 icon whose influence on both his sport and popular culture endures to this day.”