TCB Media Rights Greenlights New Original Factual Titles


TCB Media Rights has greenlit two more original factual titles as well as a new paranormal show from BGM.

Hitler’s Supercars, which has pre-sold to Channel 4 in the U.K., explores the story of two German car manufacturers who were ordered to build the most high performance vehicles the world had ever seen during the rise of the Third Reich. The one-hour special was produced by the U.K. indie Wiser Films. The eight-part series Extreme Ice Machines, produced by the Canadian production company Architect Films, offers a glimpse at the machines that are constructed to function in extremely cold conditions. An undisclosed U.S. network has joined the project through a pre-sale.

Paranormal Nightshift has been ordered by TCB Media Rights and has been pre-sold to Travel Channel in the U.S. and Blue Ant Media’s T+E channel in Canada. TCB Media Rights holds the worldwide rights, excluding Canada, to the 13-part series, which tells the stories of night workers who have encountered ghosts, demons and other inexplicable phenomena in the workplace.

Paul Heaney, founder and CEO of TCB Media Rights, said: “It is right now that channels’ offerings need topping up or gaps filled, so as a factual distributor we have a hugely focused marketing job to do. The TCB team doesn’t need to add to workloads by simply sending availabilities lists to all of our buyers, but in some cases that is exactly what they need. A consultative selling approach is at the heart of what we do so we will go down the road a bit further: we will take on and share the precise challenges that our clients are facing and help them solve their potential problems. We have always responded to what the networks require and these titles certainly demonstrate that.”