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TV Real Screenings Festival Spotlight: TVS

June 23, 2021

The Television Syndication Company’s (TVS) highlights in the TV Real Screenings Festival include Toque 12 Eating Inn, which heads to Asia to spotlight the region’s top five-star venues. 

TV Real Screenings Festival Now Live

June 14, 2021

The inaugural TV Real Screenings Festival is now live, delivering a selection of crime, history, lifestyle and entertainment series and specials available on the market today.

TV Real In-Demand: History

August 18, 2020

Each spotlighting a different era, the docs featured in this edition of TV Real In-Demand touch on themes and issues from the past that remain relevant today: ORF-Enterprise’s Victims of the Vikings, ZDF Enterprises’ Countdown to Surrender—The Last 100 Days, The Television Syndication Company’s Chicago at the Crossroad and Autentic Distribution’s Hope and Fear: How Pandemics Changed the World.

TV Real In-Demand: Lifestyle

August 11, 2020

This week’s edition of TV Real In-Demand, about shows in the broad lifestyle category, includes an eclectic mix of food, home, design, property and family reality titles: ZDF Enterprises’ Kitchen Battle, all3media international’s Four in a Bed, The Television Syndication Company’s P. Allen Smith Garden Style, Gusto Worldwide Media’s Cook Like a Chef and Off the Fence’s Growing Up Hip Hop.