TV Real In-Demand: History


Each spotlighting a different era, the docs featured in this edition of TV Real In-Demand touch on themes and issues from the past that remain relevant today: ORF-Enterprise’s Victims of the Vikings, ZDF Enterprises’ Countdown to Surrender—The Last 100 Days, The Television Syndication Company’s Chicago at the Crossroad and Autentic Distribution’s Hope and Fear: How Pandemics Changed the World.

Victims of the Vikings

Commissioned By: ORF-Enterprise
Produced By: ORF, ZDF/ARTE, SVT, Česka Televize, Interspot Film, ORF-Enterprise
Rights Available: Worldwide except for Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, from ORF-Enterprise.
Description: Why did the Vikings hunt humans? The documentary seeks answers to this and other questions and illuminates the history of the Vikings and their slaves. Available as 1×52 minutes or 1×43 minutes, the special features interviews with experts and reenactments.
Pitch Perfect: Victims of the Vikings is the latest addition to the successful UNIVERSUM History lineup and shows the human trafficking and slavery that determined the life of the Vikings. The docudrama will premiere late 2020 and exposes the sagas and legends that surround the Vikings.
Sales Contacts: Armin Luttenberger, Head, Content Sales International; Monika Kossits, Sales Manager.

Countdown to Surrender—The Last 100 Days

Commissioned By: ZDF Enterprises
Produced By: Spiegel TV for ZDFinfo in association with ZDF Enterprises
Rights Available: All rights worldwide from ZDF Enterprises.
Description: The last 100 days of World War ll are under the spotlight in the three-part Countdown to Surrender. It recounts crucial milestones in the last days of the Third Reich and its steady decline towards the inevitable capitulation. Major events provide the context for more intimate and personal fates and give real insight into life at the cutting edge of history. By following the countdown chronologically, the series brings to life the horror and trepidation that marked the end of the Nazi era, and the sense of all-consuming desperation that increasingly took hold among common people. Soldiers caught on the hellish frontlines and the leaders clinging on to delusions, whatever the cost. It ends with an overwhelming sense of relief for most Germans by the end of the war, and a release from devastation, death and disarray. The production consists of 3 50-minute episodes and a 1×50-minute special.
Pitch Perfect: “We are proud to co-produce and distribute this outstanding documentary,” says Ralf Rückauer, VP of ZDFE.unscripted. “It tells the story of the dramatic last 100 days of WWII based on the central events, but also brings to life scenes that are symbolic of the apocalyptic nature of the destruction. Leading historians, experts and young scientists analyze the historical context and arrange the days along a timeline.”
Sales Contact: Ralf Rückauer, VP, ZDFE.unscripted.

Chicago at the Crossroad

Commissioned By: The Television Syndication Company (TVS)
Produced By: Schodorf Media Creative
Rights Available: All rights worldwide excluding U.S. VOD from TVS.
Description: Much is said about the violence in Chicago’s segregated communities. But what is known about the systems that created the problem? This is Chicago’s story. The 1×54-minute/1×77-minute doc includes talking heads and archive footage.
Pitch Perfect: While gun violence is on the decline in most major U.S. cities, why has there been an increase in Chicago’s segregated communities? Using dramatic footage, the documentary explores the incessant segregation, violence and disastrous public policy decisions that affect Chicago and other cities across the country to this day.
Slot Winner: One out of only five documentaries selected to screen at the prestigious 2019 American Black Film Festival (ABFF).
Sales Contact: Mary Joyce, VP, International Sales.

Hope and Fear: How Pandemics Changed the World

Commissioned By: American Public Television, TVE Spain
Produced By: Pilot Productions
Rights Available: Exclusive European rights, excluding U.K. and Spain, from Autentic Distribution.
Description: Pandemics can sometimes devastate and destroy entire societies. We look back at the world’s largest pandemics; analyze their symptoms, the actions taken against them and their global impact. Available as 3×30 minutes/1×52 minutes/1×70 minutes.
Pitch Perfect: “The corona pandemic is putting the whole world on hold,” says Mirjam Strasser, head of sales and acquisitions. “Before COVID-19, pandemics have repeatedly afflicted the world. This history doc looks at the most significant pandemics, such as the Black Death, smallpox or the Spanish flu. A tremendous journey through time, which has a shocking actuality.”
Sales Contacts: Mirjam Strasser, Head, Sales & Acquisitions; Julian Althaus, International Sales Manager.