TV Real In-Demand: Lifestyle


This week’s edition of TV Real In-Demand, about shows in the broad lifestyle category, includes an eclectic mix of food, home, design, property and family reality titles: ZDF Enterprises’ Kitchen Battle, all3media international’s Four in a Bed, The Television Syndication Company’s P. Allen Smith Garden Style, Gusto Worldwide Media’s Cook Like a Chef and Off the Fence’s Growing Up Hip Hop.

Kitchen Battle

Commissioned By: ZDF
Produced By: Fernsehmacher
Rights Available: All rights worldwide from ZDF Enterprises.
Description: Who will win the big cash prize and earn the title “Amateur Chef of the Year”? Talented amateurs compete against each other, while a prominent chef acts as their coach and host and an independent expert juror tastes the dishes and judges who has to clear their cooktop. In continuous production since 2008, the show boasts 3,000 45-minute episodes.
Pitch Perfect: Kitchen Battle garners top ratings of more than 17 percent in the early afternoon slot, with almost 3,000 shows aired to date and millions of viewers tuning in each week to watch six ambitious amateur cooks engage in a lively competition at the stove,” says Ralf Rückauer, VP of ZDFE.unscripted at ZDF Enterprises. “Each show is hosted by one of Germany’s most popular TV chefs. What rivets viewers’ attention is not only which contestant will make it to the finale on Friday, but also the outstanding culinary creations that come into being on the show.”
Slot Winner: Regular slot winner of the day with top ratings of more than 17 percent on weekdays at 2:15 p.m.
Sales Contacts: Ralf Rückauer, VP, ZDFE.unscripted; Sylvia Brucker, Director, Entertainment, ZDFE.unscripted.

Four in a Bed

Commissioned By: Channel 4, U.K.
Produced By: Studio Lambert
Rights Available: All rights worldwide from all3media international.
Description: Follows sets of proud hoteliers and B&B owners as they each take a turn to host each other at their respective establishments. We get to meet all manner of small proprietors and watch as they join together to assess the décor, taste and cleanliness of their competition and ultimately judge each other as they rate the establishments they’ve all stayed in. Great personalities, unique décor, picturesque locations. Multiple seasons, totaling more than 650 episodes, available.
Pitch Perfect: Now in its 15th season, Four in a Bed offers high-volume, high-quality entertainment that is perfect for binge-watching or stripping across a linear broadcast schedule. As the small hoteliers journey together, personalities politely clash and the matter of décor and good taste is proved to be very subjective!  From the withering put-downs about the standard of room cleanliness to gentle bewilderment about the breakfast choices, the show provides a compelling and addictive insight into the competitive world of small hotel/guest house/B&B ownership.
Slot Winner: Continues to be one of Channel 4’s highest-rating daytime shows, with an average share over 25 percent above the channel’s benchmark.
Sales Contacts: Stephen Driscoll, EVP, EMEA; Sally Habbershaw, EVP, Americas; Sabrina Duguet, EVP, Asia Pacific.

P. Allen Smith Garden Style

Commissioned By: The Television Syndication Company (TVS)
Produced By: Hortus
Rights Available: All rights available worldwide from TVS.
Description: Explore the many ways you can grow, cook and design all areas of your life with one of America’s most recognized garden and design experts. This home/garden/food/design series encompasses 20 seasons, each consisting of 20 30-minute episodes.
Pitch Perfect: Gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith takes audiences from historic gardens to scenic drives to their own outdoor living spaces. Along the way, he and his guests inspire viewers with how-to projects to add flair to their living spaces as well as mouth-watering recipes and informative garden segments.
Slot Winner: In U.S. syndication for 20 years, constantly cleared in over 80 percent of the country. P. Allen Smith was inducted into the Taste Hall of Fame in 2015 for his significant impact in the world of taste and broadcast entertainment. He has a series of books published by Clarkson Potter/Random House.
Sales Contact: Mary Joyce, VP, International Sales.

Cook Like a Chef

Commissioned By: Gusto Worldwide Media
Produced By: Gusto Worldwide Media in association with Bell Media
Rights Available: All rights available, excluding Canada, from Gusto Worldwide Media.
Description: The modern, live-to-tape reboot features a diverse cast of four expert chefs with distinguished culinary backgrounds that inspire viewers how to cook, not what to cook. There are 20 half-hour episodes available.
Pitch Perfect: The classic title Cook Like a Chef has been reimagined into a new series now available for international release: young, talented chefs explore and explain intricate cooking techniques. Live-to-tape, this series breaks down the fourth wall, bringing the crew into the on-camera experience and providing a unique, intimate point of view for the audience.
Sales Contacts: Chris Knight, President & CEO; David Goldstein, COO; Krynn Wrigley, International Sales Manager.

Growing Up Hip Hop

Commissioned By: WE tv
Produced By: eOne Entertainment
Rights Available: Worldwide (excluding U.S. & territories/possessions) from Off the Fence.
Description: This lifestyle/reality series follows the next generation of hip hop royalty as they attempt to step outside the shadow of their famous families.
Pitch Perfect: With seven amazing seasons and 73 hours, Growing Up Hip Hop is so successful that it has become a franchise with spin-off shows in Atlanta and New York. The stars’ large following on social media keeps growing the audience and makes this show one to watch.
Sales Contacts: Stefanie Fischer, Managing Director, Sales; Antoine Paul, Sales Manager; Rebeca Fernandez, Sales Director.