Richard Pryor Biopic Kicks Off Paramount Network’s 2019 I Am Series


Paramount Network is slated to premiere the latest installment of its I Am documentary franchise, I Am Richard Pryor, on Friday, March 15, at 10 p.m.

Executive produced by Paul Gertz, Kent Wingerak, Jaimee Kosanke and Richard Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Pryor, I Am Richard Pryor is the first of the franchise’s three new documentaries for 2019, with the other two installments focusing on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Patrick Swayze. Premiere dates for those I Am chapters have yet to be announced.

These three icons join a roster of past I Am stars, including John F. Kennedy Jr., Martin Luther King Jr., Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, Evel Knievel, Heath Ledger, Paul Walker, Sam Kinison and Chris Farley.

I Am Richard Pryor chronicles the ups and downs of the life and career of the comedy superstar, whose troubled childhood haunted him despite his worldwide success. The film includes interviews with comedians, filmmakers, family and friends, including Sandra Bernhard, Ron De Blasio, Dr. Todd Boyd, Michael Epps, Tiffany Haddish, Henry Jaglom, Howie Mandel, Thom Mount, Ishmael Reed, Scott Saul, Michael Schultz, Greg Tate, Lily Tomlin, Rocco Urbisci, Jimmie Walker and a special feature from Jennifer Pryor.

The film was directed by Jesse James Miller and produced by Network Entertainment’s founder and producer Derik Murray, who has previously worked on several of the I Am franchise films.

“We are thrilled to bring the stories of these three incredible icons to Paramount Network through the I Am franchise,” said Keith Cox, Paramount Network and TV Land’s president of development and production. “It’s truly an honor to pay homage to this group of extraordinary people through these inspiring films. We couldn’t be more excited with their inclusion on our 2019 documentary slate.”

“We are committed to delivering an authentic and entertaining portrayal of each of the icons we are honored to portray in our ongoing I Am series of documentary features,” said Murray. “Every one of our iconic subjects has made their personal mark on history, and along the way has captured the hearts and minds of audiences and fans around the world. I Am Richard Pryor was made possible by Jennifer Pryor’s resolute conviction to tell Richard’s story with a foundation of truth and respect for his massive legacy. Alongside Jennifer’s revealing interview, we have assembled a brilliant cast that blows open the door on a complex and gifted artist whose profound impact lives on.”