Pit Bulls & Parolees Set to Return on Animal Planet


Animal Planet’s award-winning series Pit Bulls & Parolees is returning for a tenth season with all-new episodes set to bow next month.

Each episode follows the drama at the New Orleans-based Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest pit bull rescue in the U.S., through all the highs and lows of animal rescue, as Tia and her family provide a second chance for pit bulls and a fresh start for parolees. And while Villalobos specializes in pit bulls, their dedication to dogs now extends to all breeds in need. The series premieres Saturday, October 5, at 9 pm.

This season sees former adopters return to Villalobos in hopes of finding another dog to add to their family; Lizzy, Tania and Mariah create a “retirement center” at one of the warehouses to give the senior dogs a special place to call home; and for the first time, the rescue team celebrates their favorite holiday, Halloween, with a special event to benefit the hundreds of dogs in their care. The rescues this season continue to make a lasting impact on the team, from an abandoned dog with a severe skin condition to strays that lead the Villalobos employees on a wild goose chase.

Later in the season, a special two-hour crossover episode features Tia partnering with Amanda Giese from the Animal Planet series Amanda to the Rescue. Amanda travels from Washington State to New Orleans to collaborate with Tia to help Bean, a shy dog who suffered a traumatic leg injury after being shot.

Viewers of the show can also head to Animal Planet GO, YouTube, and Facebook to experience a mid-form series Found a Forever Home, to relive some of the most memorable dog rescues from Pit Bulls & Parolees and find out how the same dogs are doing today with their adopted families in their forever homes.

All past seasons of the show can be viewed in its entirety by audiences in the U.S. on the Animal Planet GO app. The series is produced for Animal Planet by 44 Blue Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company, and Rive Gauche Television.